Welcome to  Faze!!

Faze is a Philadelphia-based non-profit, whose goal is to provide support throughout the Caribbean Community. As a grassroots organization, we got our start in early 2017 after our founder, Brittnni Haynes, visited her family’s home for Trinidad carnival. She was mesmerized and ready to bring back everything she learned from her trip to share with her fellow Philadelphians.

With the help of family and friends, Faze was born and quickly brought mas to Philly Carnival. Our only goal was to HAVE FUN, and create one big street party, which we did. Faze masqueraders brought so much energy to the road, we even placed 3rd in the competition.

Brittnni’s dream became a reality in a matter of months and are now dedicated to building our organization and our community.

Here, you can find information about upcoming community charity events, updates on fundraisers and be a part of our organization!

Thanks for visiting and we welcome your feedback!