Merchandise & Ways to Donate

Here you can purchase your very own supporter shirt to represent Faze! Shirts come in White, Black, and Red.  Sizes available are M, L, and XL. All shirts are Unisex.

If you need a different size or customization, please use the contact page to reach us and we will see what we can do!

If you don’t want a t-shirt, you’re welcome to make a donation in increments of $1.00. As always, thank you so much for your donation! You are the reason Faze is making progress!

Medium White Faze Supporter Shirts

Medium Unisex Faze Shirt


Large White Faze Supporter Shirt

Large White Unisex Faze Supporter Shirt


XL White Faze Supporter Shirt

XL Unisex White Faze Supporter Tshirt


Medium Red Faze Supporter Shirt

Medium Red Unisex Faze Supporter Shirt


Large Red Faze Supporter Shirt

Large Unisex Red Faze Supporter Shirt


X-Large Faze Red Supporter Shirt

XL Unisex Faze Red Supporter Shirt


Medium Black Faze Supporter Shirt

Medium Unisex Black Supporter Shirt


Large Black Faze Supporter Shirt

Large Unisex Black Faze Supporter Shirt


X-Large Black Faze Supporter Shirt

XL Black Unisex Faze Supporter Shirt



Using this button, you’re able to donate in increments of $10 to Faze


White Faze Hat

White One Size Faze Logo Hat