2018 Mummers Parade

The biggest New Year’s Day tradition is the Philadelphia Mummers Parade. The Mummers Parade started in 1900 as a way for the city to work with young, working class men to prevent them from rioting during the holidays. In its 118 year existence, the Mummers Parade has grown to include nearly 15,000 mummers who show off their elaborate and fancy costumes in different categories, including String Bands.

Sound familiar? With similarities to Carnival, it was a great honor for the Philly Pan Starz to be invited to play in the parade last year. This year, Philly Pan Starz extended their invitation to Faze. Despite the record low temperatures, the Pan Starz and Faze had a blast dressing as pirates and sharing the love we have for our Caribbean culture with the mummers and their fans.

Thanks Mummers and Philly Pan Starz for having us! We look forward to next year!

For more information and pictures on Philly Pan Starz, check out their Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/PhiladelphiaPanStars

For more information on the Mummers Parade, check out their homepage phillymummers.com


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